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At Gnat Solutions we are dedicated to bringing affordable products and services to our clientele. The following is but a brief overview of some of our services


Today you have many choices on software & hardware purchases to help you work more efficiently. We are knowlegeable in many areas and can meet with you to define your needs. You'll leave with solid understand of your choices and the impact they may have, not just for today but into the future. We can even simply visit your establishment, review your current practices and costs and suggest other ways for you to save money or become more productive. We are problem solvers to our very core and will apply those skills in every way we can to help you out. These services are available on an hourly rate or by monthly contract.

Security Auditing

Ever wonder whether you're vunerable to computer attacks? We can visit with you and determine exactly what digitial threats you are succeptible to and how to avoid them.

Software Development

We have been developing software for years. From simple small business applications to large enterprise level systems. We are well versed in multiple languages, and will work with you to create software that will meet your needs. Be it a database driven application, simple presentation software or networked server.


We offer comprehensive support packages. Maintaining servers & desktops, on-call support for emergencies. We can put together a support package tailored made to your organizations needs.


Need to increase your skills in a particular area of the vastness that is Information Technology? We can help. We'll come to your location and walk you through the areas you need help with. Leaving you with skills to not only function, but to be able to increase your own proficiency as well.

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